Another politics article

Searching for a fresh angle on the latest developments in Australian politics is like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

There are thousands of articles out there written by people far smarter than me with a lot more knowledge of the situation.  You think that’s going to stop me though? 

No way!

As most of you who read this will know, I’ve been a fairly outspoken critic of our new Prime Minister.  Some of my language has been a little colourful, and I’ve been less than complimentary of her voice among other aspects of her personality.

Perhaps her highest honour though was when she made it onto my ‘people I hate’ list. 

I think I’ll have to remove her from that list though.  Simply put, you can’t have the Prime Minister on a ‘people I hate’ list without several people in ski masks kicking down your door and dragging you away to an undisclosed location where I’d never be heard from again.

I won’t go into the details of how she came to power – there are news articles for that. 

Nor shall I go into the amazing fact that a woman is now the Prime Minister – there are feminists for that.

What I’ll do is throw my predictions on the table.  Who will win the next election?  Easy.


She’s too universally popular.  I can list on two hands the number of people I know who would prefer Abbott to be Prime Minister than Gillard.  She’s a formidable performer who will clear everything in her path.

Who would I prefer to be Prime Minister?  Well, as a more ‘conservative’ chap, I have to say Abbott... but with reservations.

The man is a loose cannon that could go off the rails at any moment.  Is that too big a risk?  Who knows?

Al I do know is that I’d better get Gillard off my ‘people I hate’ list before I get taken hostage by ASIO.

Wait... who are these guys in ski masks that just came barging through my door...

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All hail our first female Prime Minister.