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Australia and the USA
Dylan listened to Bob Hawke's take on the Australia-USA relationship. The result: very interesting stuff.

Love Wins: Really?
It's the book that's caused a bunch of controversy. Dylan investigates if love really does 'win'.

Journalistic bias: reality or ruse?
The most common criticism received by journalists is bias. But are journalists bias or their readers?

Awesome customer service
Dylan hates supermarket shopping, yet he enjoyed his last trip to Coles. How is this possible?

Don't put God in a box
There's a temptation for Christians to assume they know exactly how God will work all the time. Well, they're wrong.

Trading Places
Overseas sports see a smorgasboard of trades with great regularity. How cool would it be to see that happen in Australia?

It's too hard to understand climate change
If it's hot, people blame climate change. If it's cold, people blame climate change. Dylan asks, "huh???"

The political relationships that matter
It was Chris Uhlmann's relationship with the right people that enabled him to break the biggest political story of 2010.

An Emo Superman???
DC Comics plan to turn Superman into an emo. This simply will not do.

Please don't burn the Koran
A Florida Pastor planned to set fire to the Koran. Dylan's opinion? The guy's an idiot.

Vegas: The retro diary - part two
The long awaited second part of Dylan and Dave's vegas vaction.

In defence of the major parties
People are waxing lyrical about how voters rejected the major parties at the 2010 Federal election. Dylan disagrees.

Who to vote for?
The day before the 2010 Federal Election, Dylan gave his verdict on who deserved to be our Prime Minister.

Partisan politics = bad times
In Dylan's world, a bad idea is a bad idea, no matter who suggests it. Not in the world of politics though.

Staying on message: the hidden perils
Politicians are trained to stay on message, but does this sometimes hinder their campaigns rather than assist them?

The 2010 leaders' debate
The 2010 election campaign is underway and the leaders faced off in Canberra. Who won?

Vive Le Tour
A few years ago Dylan was pretty antagonistic towards the Tour De France. Now, he can't get enough of it.

Why don't people like Tony Abbott?
Tony Abbott is a polarising figure. So many people seem to either love him or hate him. Dylan investigates.

Julia Gillard: a brief reflection
Kevin07 was dispatched of efficiently by Julia Gillard. Dylan offered some brief thoughts on our first female PM.

Vegas: The retro diary?
Dylan and Dave had a crazy time in Vegas. Here's part one of their epic adventure.

Avatar: Overrated or epic?
Many hailed Avatar as a film for the ages. An epic to be in awe of. What did Dylan think?

Politics: passes and fails
It was just before Malcolm Turnbull went the way of the dodo when Dylan handed out his report card for our Federal leaders.

The Mailbag: number 3
Once again Dylan is answering his mail. Everything from Megan Fox to space exploration is discussed.

Cambodia: A simple man's reflections
How to sum up a life changing trip in a sentence? Dylan can't, so he wrote this column

Space: The forgotten frontier
We recently celebrated the anniversary of Aldrin and Armstrong landing on the moon, but why has space travel lost its mojo?

The 2009 Ashes: the story so far
With Australia 1-0 down in the 2009 Ashes, Dylan has identified the problems and solutions for his beloved team.

Mark Webber - An apology
Earlier this year, Dylan wrote a column slamming Mark Webber. Now, Dylan issues the following apology.

Budget 2009 - Doomsday
After Wayne Swan handed down the 2009 budget Dylan hid under his bed. Then, he wrote this column.

The problem with politics in Australia
Politics in Australia is simply far too lame these days. Who is to blame though? Dylan's answer: everyone.

The Malaysian F1 Grand Prix - The running diary
With Mark Webber having qualified strongly, Dylan decided to keep a running diary of the rain soaked Malaysian GP.

The G20 protesters are idiots
With another international summit taking place, a bunch of muppets have decided to hold a protest.

Mark Webber: The man, the mystery
Dylan takes a look at the career of the unluckiest driver in the history of Formula 1.

Rugby League Players Are Muppets
Rugby League players consistently make bad choices, but why are they such morons? Dylan investigates.

Barack Obama: Yes he can?
Barack Obama was elected President of the United States with an overwhelming majority. Dylan asks; so what?

Wayne Swan: All bark and no bite
Dylan is not impressed with Wayne Swan. Find out why he is arguably the worst Tresurer this country has ever seen.

The Beijing Olympics
Dylan gives the thumbs up or thumbs down to various aspects
of the Olympics.

I Love Sports... but...
Why do sports stars think they can get away with anything? Simple - because they can.

The Truth About World Youth Day
Unsure what to make of all the fuss about World Youth Day? Dylan has the answers.

The Best Movie Introductions
A good movie introduction is a rare thing. Dylan breaks down the 5 best movie introductions in cinematic history.

Friday Night Football: The Diary
Dylan kept a running diary for Friday Night Football. The result? He was not impressed.

The Inaugural Mailbag
Dylan decided to answer his mail, but why were readers asking him about Jennifer Hawkins?

The NBA Finals
After watching the first two games of the NBA Finals, Dylan knows why Boston has the advantage.

Channel 10 and Angela Bishop
Channel 10's news features the worst journalism on the planet. Why? Angela Bishop.

Bill Henson's Naked Children
Australian 'artist' Bill henson has taken naked photographs of 13 year old girls. What's Dylan's opinion?

The USA Presidential Election
What does Dylan have to say about the most hotly contested Presidential Primary season in years?

Britney vs Justin
Britney Spears has lost the plot, while JT has been winning fans the world over. Dylan breaks down their relationship.

Summer Movie Review
A summer of lame movies have been released. There is one you should see though.

The 2007 Federal Election Recap
Dylan gives his review of the recent Australian Federal Election.

The Truth About 20/20 Cricket
Not sure what to make of the new fad in world cricket? Dylan has the answers.


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