Channel 10 News = Bad Times


The other day when I was at work, it was mid morning and I needed to refill my glass of water. So, off I trundled to the lunch room and was greeted by our office’s kick ass plasma TV. Good times. I saw the news was on so naturally I paused for a few moments to see what was making headlines. However two factors immediately made me regret my decision.

The first factor was that it was Channel 10 news. If anyone can find a lamer attempt at television journalism than the garbage Channel 10 serve up, I’d be very happy to hear you out. Quite simply, Channel 10’s news is an absolute disgrace. If there was a story about Jennifer Hawkins having broken up with her boyfriend or a story about an Earthquke in say… China, have a guess which story Channel 10 would give more prominence to. Yep you guessed it – Jennifer Hawkins and her relationship blues!

This however lead to the next factor that nearly caused me to jump out the window plunging 11 storeys to my instant death. “For this special report we go straight to our Entertainment Reporte:r Angela Bishop.”

Kill me now.

If there is a worse reporter (I refuse to call her a journalist) on God’s green Earth than Angela Bishop, I would be very surprised. In fact, I’m willing to go on record and categorically state that she is the worst reporter on the planet. Even if you compare her with some hack journalism student from the University of Armidale, I guarantee you that Angela Bishop will have less talent.

However, the bizarre thing is that she and Channel 10 news are the perfect match. It’s almost as if Angela Bishop is the personification of 10 news. Someone who has no personal ethics whatsoever, is more interested in appealing to shallow, gossip seeking, mindless zombies than actually providing news, and someone who was in their ‘prime’ around 14 years ago. Channel 10 of course hit their prime 14 years ago when they were still showing NBA Action. Angela hit her prime when she passed her year 2 maths test… at the age of 24.

Channel 10 use shows like Big Brother as their marquee programming. Big Brother has to be the second least entertaining and informative show on television ranking just behind Channel 7’s Sunrise. Also, check out a trailer on channel 10 for any program they broadcast. You are guaranteed to have a sleazy male of female voiceover with sleazy music saying something like “Monday’s just got hotter on 10…” appealing to voyeurs, Ricki-Lee Coulter, and my mate Geoff.

I would love to actually meet a Channel 10 programming director. I have a mental image that they would look exactly like Jon Stanhope; only a bit younger, with more facial hair, the same lack of commitment to small business, and slightly less likely to look as though they’re having an epileptic fit every time a TV camera is thrust in front of them. I’m certain it’d be a fascinating conversation to have. My number 1 question would be: “So, when are you planning on firing Angela Bishop?”

Sadly, this is the age we live in. One where tv shows that promote themselves as the sluttiest, smuttiest crap ever to be seen are popular, and the least intelligent and least interesting human being ever to exist are thrust in front of cameras.

Sorry Channel 10. Sorry Angela Bishop. You’re just no good.

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You will find it difficult to find a worse example of journalism than Channel 10's news coverage.

Angela Bishop is arguably the worst
reporter in journalistic history

Jon Stanhope always looks as though he's
about to burst into an epileptic fit