About dylanmalloch.com

My name is Dylan Malloch, and this is possibly the lamest website design attempt in the history of western civilisation.

Well, I guess the obvious question is, why on Earth would I do such a thing. To answer that important question, I need to give a bit of background.

In mid 2006, I was living in Canberra in a job that bored me out of my brains. So, I did what anyone would do in my situation; I shut up shop and moved my life to Brisbane. Yep, pretty random.

Living in Brisbane I was soon employed on a temporary contract by the Qld Government. Interestingly enough, while I was employed there I was actually FORBIDDEN by the Qld Government from doing any actual 'work' due to mind-boggling red tape. So, I got bored again. However, I struck upon the most brilliant plan ever.

I'd write columns. I'd write long columns and send them to my friends to read. Pretty soon, I had quite an audience, so I decided to expand my writing into the pathetic world of MySpace.

Now, while MySpace may hit most people's top 10 worst websites ever created, it did give me a chance to write about things. The subjects were numerous: sports, politics, movies, life, sports... you name it. However, something happened I hadn't counted on - people actually read what i was writing!

Pretty soon, I was getting 100 hits a day on the meaningless garbage that I was producing. However, like all fads it soon stopped. I really couldn't be bothered writing anything more about... well... anything really.

People started emailing me though wondering where the blogs had gone. What the???

So here I am. Back in the literary world. I hope people keep reading this thing, otherwise I've spent a few hours creating a waste of total uselessness. Go figure...

So, here you will find columns, podcasts, interviews, diaries on every subject under the sun. If you want me to write about anything in particular, email me. If I get enough emails, I may even rip-off Bill Simmons even further and do a mailbag. Still, only time... will tell.


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